Client Testimonials

"I had tried a lot of different healing techniques including therapy, acupuncture, diet, yoga, meditation, etc. to deal with childhood trauma. Each had been helpful in different ways. I thought I had accomplished everything I could in order to lead a full life. However, during my first session with Mary, she helped me uncover that while the past no longer haunted me, fear was stopping me from finding happiness and abundance in my life. I had been living in a state of fear for so long, I didn't even realize how much it was holding me back from finding happiness in my relationships and advancing my career. Since I started working with Mary to release my fears, I haven't had a single sinus infection, which is miraculous. I feel more relaxed and focused than I ever have been. I'm less afraid of taking risks, have more trust in my partner and am able to let little things, that would have driven me over the edge with worry, go without a second thought. I'm happier and feel much more at peace. For me, the difference between reiki and other self-help techniques is that even a few sessions can achieve long-term results."

– KP

"Before I began working with Mary, I was in a place where my life felt like it was folding in, doors closing, supports failing, work opportunities shut off. What was worst and most frightening was that I had a feeling of victimization, anxiety, and fear that dominated my daily experience and shaped my choices and relationships.

My first session with Mary was such a revelatory and powerful experience that I couldn't put a price on how much it shifted my perspective. I was a bit anxious about how/if I would be touched and how it would feel, but my body was always cocooned in warmth, relaxed, and comfortable during sessions.

[Since working with Mary], I sleep soundly, and have less anxiety. I feel more present in my life. My family has become closer and laughs and hugs more. I am less likely to be reactively angry. I just feel more naturally drawn into better habits. I feel a deep-in-the-belly-root source of strength and stability that calms and roots me in circumstances that used to cause great anxiety. There is no end to the positive ways it has shaped my life, and given me a touchstone of centeredness.

I had practiced meditation, yoga, and other disciplines which I found so important, but Mary's practice of Reiki was like a supercharged, focused unfurling of sensory awareness for me. Please give yourself the gift of a few sessions to explore and feel and discover with Mary's guidance -- I believe you will be changed in ways you can't yet imagine."

– E.A., Reiki Transformation client

"Prior to meeting Mary, I honestly had never heard of reiki or what it was.  I'm naturally a skeptic of all things supernatural and generally stick to science when it comes to healing, whether emotional or physical.  In hearing about what reiki was, the passion she had for her craft, and how it's practiced, I decided to give it a shot.  Mary has a way of making these types of ideas and practices feel comfortable, logical, and within your comfort zone.  I don't know many people that could have made me open to something like that, but Mary has a way of allowing you to feel the energy and presence around her that's pretty rare and can even open a skeptic like myself up to new ideas.

I went to Mary for reiki due to general aches and pains associated with a pretty demanding workout schedule.  I lift heavy weights 4 or 5 days a week and run the days that I don't. This obviously results in a lot of soreness and muscle tension.  I would go to Mary with strained muscles or soreness and the tension would typically be vastly improved afterwards, I'd feel relaxed, and most of the time feel stronger in my workouts the next day.  I would always try and withhold the places that had the most pain or tightness just to see if she would find them on her own, and I would always be surprised when she succeeded.  Well not that surprised....

Mary is an amazing person to receive healing energies from.  She truly feels the pain of others and makes it her mission to ease it in any way that she can.  She's always willing to listen, always engaging, incredibly smart, and has an amazing energy about her.  I've always felt at peace and ease during the sessions and always incredibly relaxed afterwards.

If you've been in pain and traditional methods aren't working, why wouldn't you give working with Mary a chance? She's been where you've been.  She's probably experienced or tried every type of healing treatment there is at some time or another, and will be able to bring that experience to bear in your own healing.  If nothing else, her positive energy, open mind, and healing methods are bound to give you a new outlook and perspective and they'll most likely end up working better than you imagined."

– Toby R., Minneapolis, Minnesota

"When I started my 6-week-long distance healing sessions with Mary, I had recently started training for my first 20-mile trail run. I'm also a climber and a yogi, so my lifestyle is very active. My intention for working with her was to keep my body from getting injured and to help me with recovery, physically and energetically. I also needed some emotional and mental support around my training to keep me focused and feeling strong.

Mary always intuitively knew exactly where to direct the energy and I felt it strongly during our sessions. When we talked after our sessions she would tell me where she was directing the energy most and that was exactly where I was experiencing and needed it.

I highly recommend working with Mary in person or long distance. Her sessions benefited me in so many ways. She's smart, intuitive and has a unique ability to hold space during your healing process so you can receive exactly what you need and want from your session."

– Lula C., Los Angeles, California

"I first started seeing Mary when I was going through a big transformational period in my life. As a Reiki Master myself, I knew about the power of energy work and believed in it. I had some physical symptoms with some left side injuries as well.

I found Mary to be very attentive, thoughtful and caring through our sessions. Since we have been working together, I have seen my left side issues decrease and have less pain. I would encourage anyone thinking of working with Mary to try it, it’s something that can add to their healing."

– Melissa C., Minneapolis, Minnesota